Staffing For Apartments

By Larry Hannappel Demand for apartments has been steadily rising over the last 12 months. The combination of young households forming along with millions losing their homes to foreclosure has lead to this explosion in the multifamily housing market. And this trend is likely to continue as the American dream shifts from buying quickly to …

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Staffing Flexibility

By Larry Hannappel At this moment in time, roughly one in every 50 employed Americans is in a temporary or contingent staffing position, according to the American Staffing Association. Many companies look at temporary and contingent work as a risk-management strategy to keep costs under control and determine their business cycles in the evolving economy. …

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Staffing Needs In The Hospitality Industry

By Lon Matejczyk With the economy rebounding, the travel industry has been recovering nicely, filling hotel rooms, banquet rooms and employee rosters. Fourteen million jobs were supported by travel expenditures, according to the latest statistics, including 7.4 million directly in the travel industry. Not surprisingly, attractions, hotels and conference centers often don’t have enough permanent …

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