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employee background checks

More employers turn to ongoing background checks

A growing number of employers have begun to conduct ongoing background checks of their workers. A pre-employment screening is, of course, routine. But now companies are running occasional or even continuous checks to protect themselves and their customers from workers who might be criminals. Ongoing background checks are easier to do now because more police …

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OT changes coming

The U.S. Department of Labor has issued new rules saying that anyone paid more than $47,476 a year will now be considered exempt from overtime. But those who fall below that number and work 40 hours a week must be paid time-and-a-half overtime for all hours beyond 40 a week. The government estimates four million …

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Make a temp job last

The best temporary staffers are often hired on a permanent, full-time basis. But they also can be disappointed when companies hire somebody else for the job. When times are good, companies are more likely to use temporary jobs as a low-risk way to vet full-time candidates. But the conversion rate from temporary to permanent worker …

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