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Concerns over OSHA injury-reporting rules

03/06/16 at 06:41 PM | by Will Temby
OSHA injury-reporting rules - arm in a cast

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued new rules recently requiring all workplace fatalities be reported within eight hours and that certain severe injuries be reported within 24 hours after an employer learns of the incident.

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4 HR laws employers can’t afford to overlook in 2016

02/29/16 at 07:42 PM | by Lon Matejczyk
HR laws employers can’t afford to overlook in 2016 - judges gavel

This year has just begun, but new HR regulations already have been proposed, signed into law and put into effect — and even more are on the way. Failing to keep up with new workplace laws is not an option, given the potential for steep penalties and expensive lawsuits.

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Your best response to the ‘joint employer’ rules

02/19/16 at 02:03 PM | by Larry Hannappel
Joint Employer Rules - United States Department of Labor

The Labor Department’s focus on “joint employment” arrangements has raised plenty of questions among employers that turn to staffing agencies. Last month, the agency made it clear it thinks more companies should take responsibility for their contracted workforces, and it issued guidance that told them exactly how and when.

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Survey: training key to re-entering workforce

02/06/16 at 06:50 AM | by Will Temby
training key to re-entering workforce - training on pc

Finding and landing your dream job can be tough. Not surprisingly, one of the biggest hurdles to doing so is a lack of experience and training. According to a survey conducted on behalf of the American Staffing Association, 40 percent of unemployed U.S. adults are looking for work.

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Labor Dept. to measure 'gig' employment

02/01/16 at 02:15 PM | by Lon Matejczyk
Labor Dept. to measure temporary employment

The Labor Department has decided that temporary workers, independent workers and people with multiple jobs will be included in its statistics beginning May 2017. According to the latest estimates, there are roughly 30 million full-time and part-time independent workers in the U.S. About 10 percent of them are employed through temporary employment agencies.

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Tackling ACA compliance

01/22/16 at 03:27 PM | by Larry Hannappel
Tackling ACA compliance - Obama Care

If you’re an employer using an Affordable Care Act compliance solution vendor, you may be staring at a survey requesting information about your workforce and feeling bewildered. The good news, we guess, is that you’re not alone.

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3 trends in employment law to keep in mind

12/28/15 at 06:37 AM | by Will Temby
trends in employment law - Employment agreement

Discrimination. Violence and bullying. Wage and hour lawsuits.Those, according to a leading authority on risk management and compliance, are the big three trends to watch in employment law at the moment.

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In need of a fix: Performance reviews

12/15/15 at 05:46 AM | by Lon Matejczyk
Time for a performance review

For years, we’ve known the annual review doesn’t cut it. It becomes a kind of check-that-box affair where the boss lays out the good, the bad and the ugly about the employee’s work, and the employee sits there patiently waiting to hear how much the raise will be.

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8 ways to help welcome aboard new employees

12/02/15 at 05:24 PM | by Larry Hannappel
Welcoming new employees - all hands in

Even the most seasoned employees can feel awkward on their first day on a new job as they meet new people, learn different procedures and immerse themselves in an unfamiliar corporate culture. The good news is that a few easy-to-implement things can help smooth the transition and make new hires, whether temporary or permanent, feel right at home.

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Drop seen in small businesses offering health coverage

11/17/15 at 01:51 PM | by Will Temby
small businesses offering health coverage - Healthcare reform one way

Is your company struggling to provide health insurance? If so, you’re probably not alone. A survey of 800 small businesses found that while larger employers generally have integrated the requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into their benefits packages, smaller firms are having trouble doing so.

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Companies may raise prices to offset minimum wage increases

11/11/15 at 04:18 PM | by Lon Matejczyk
minimum wage increases

Employers facing mandated minimum wage hikes are considering raising the prices of goods and services they sell. Thirty percent of those polled say they are doing that, while 36 percent say they are going to cut down on OT work, 19 percent say they will resort to more part-time employees and 12 percent say they will reduce their headcounts.

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DOL OT rule sparks stiff opposition

10/26/15 at 03:46 PM | by Larry Hannappel
Department of Labor’s proposed overtime rule - stick man on clock

Opposition to the Department of Labor’s proposed overtime rule has been running high from the beginning, not just from employers but employees, too. The House Committee on Small Businesses certainly heard that message loud and clear after convening a hearing recently on the “Consequences of the DOL’s One-Size-Fits-All Overtime Rules for Small Businesses and their Employees.”

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Strong hiring projected for Q4

10/16/15 at 07:02 AM | by Will Temby
Strong hiring projected for 4th quarter

There’s solid news for the economy that we’d like to share, thanks to the latest survey by CareerBuilder, which finds growing optimism from U.S. employers, signaling more hiring in the coming months. The survey found that 34 percent of businesses plan to add full-time, permanent employees in the fourth quarter of the year, while 33 percent say they plan to hire seasonal workers.

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Optimism among Wichita businesses

10/08/15 at 06:41 AM | by Lon Matejczyk
Optimism for Wichita businesses

If you missed the recent Wichita Area Economic Outlook Conference, there was good news and not-so-good news to share. Jeremy Hill, the head of WSU’s Center for Economic Development and Business Research, predicted that the Wichita area next year would see 3,360 new jobs, a 1.1 percent increase.

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Want a happy workplace? Offer free food

10/03/15 at 02:52 PM | by Larry Hannappel
Offering employees free food

Offering employees free food might be an easy way to keep them happy and productive. Those who are offered snacks on the job report higher levels of job satisfaction than those who aren't.

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HR organization critical of proposed OT rule

09/25/15 at 12:57 PM | by Will Temby
HR Org critical of obama administration's changes in Overtime Regulations

The Society for Human Resource Management has told the Department of Labor that the Obama administration's proposed changes in overtime regulations will not only burden management but be a detriment to the workers they intend to help. The change proposed by the DOL would raise the threshold for exempting employees from overtime pay from $23,660 to $50,440.

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Good news for KC hospitality

09/08/15 at 07:56 PM | by Lon Matejczyk
Good news for KC hospitality industry

Apprentice Personnel helps connect thousands of hotel employees with jobs each year. That’s why we’re exciting to share some good news for the hospitality industry. First, there’s a new $20 million hotel project coming to downtown Kansas City.

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10 types of bad workplace behavior

09/06/15 at 07:01 AM | by Larry Hannappel
10 bad workplace behaviors

Bad behavior and a negative attitude at work may be more common than in the past. But bosses still don’t like it, and those who exhibit such behavior should expect career consequences.

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Is the 9-to-5 workday dead?

08/23/15 at 08:19 PM | by Will Temby
Is the 9-5 workday dead - 9:00 to 5:00

A CareerBuilder survey of 1,000 workers in business services and other jobs found that nearly two-thirds of them say the 9-to-5 workday is fast becoming — or has already become — extinct.

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The battle over the minimum wage

08/07/15 at 08:44 AM | by Lon Matejczyk
Minimum wage battle Kansas City, MO

There’s been no shortage of controversy over the move by Kansas City, Missouri, to raise the city's minimum wage. Whether it survives remains to be seen, but we do believe there are some important figures that all sides in the debate should consider, especially at a time when the economy is still in its agonizingly slow recovery.

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6 ways Obama’s OT plan might affect employers, employees

07/24/15 at 08:34 AM | by Larry Hannappel
Obama’s OT plan might affect employers, employees

 You’ve heard about President Obama’s proposal to rewrite overtime pay rules, but what does it really mean? To your employees? And to your company?

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5 of the most toxic employees

07/09/15 at 08:15 PM | by Will Temby
the most toxic employees

Seeing the same people at work day in and day out, year after year, can build strong bonds and teamwork — or it can drive you nuts. Everyone has worked with people with personality quirks and, dare we say it, annoying habits. Here are 5 of some of the worst kinds of co-workers.

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Jobs picture improving for Wichita

06/21/15 at 01:26 PM | by Lon Matejczyk
Jobs improving for Wichita

Hiring in Wichita is expected to pick up for the balance of the year, delivering about 2,500 new jobs, or an 0.8 percent increase. Better still, we should see about 18,900 more jobs statewide, which means a 1.4 percent growth in Kansas jobs.

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Employee engagement stalls

06/06/15 at 03:10 PM | by Larry Hannappel
Employee engagement stalls - man sleeping at his desk

Finding ways to boost employee engagement has gotten plenty of attention since the recession. More engaged employees, of course, are more productive (and happier) employees. Yet despite the billions spent to drive greater engagement, Aon Hewitt says the level of engaged U.S. workers has stalled.

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Shifting from temp to perm

05/26/15 at 04:07 PM | by Will Temby
Moving from temporary positions to permanent

We know that about half of employers view a steady history of temp work as pretty much the same thing as a full-time position. But it’s also true that not all employers feel that way. U.S. staffing companies hire more than 14 million temporary and contract employees every year. The industry, among the first to start creating jobs when the recession officially ended, grew by 57% between 2009 and 2014.

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Economist pegs 2017 construction growth at 5 percent

The 2017 Dodge Construction Outlook sees total U.S. construction starts for 2017 advancing 5 percent to $713 billion, following increases of 11 percent in 2015 and an estimated 1 percent this year. Read more arrow

Robust jobs report eases worry over economic growth

The U.S. labor market in July capped off the best two-month stretch of hiring so far this year, a sign of strength for an economy that has been showing mixed growth signals in recent months. Read more arrow

U.S. growth and employment data tell different stories

Measured by traditional yardsticks for growth, like gross domestic product, the American economy definitely looks weak. View it through the prism of hiring and employment, however, and the economy seems surprisingly strong. Read more arrow

Labor Department clarifies employment guidelines 

The Labor Department has waded deeper into the contentious issue of joint employment, seeking to clarify who is accountable for violations of employment laws when two different entities, like a manufacturer and a staffing agency, both have ties to the same worker. Read more arrow

Prepare for the great moderation in U.S. job growth

An increasing number of Wall Street economists and those inside the Federal Reserve are concluding that job growth is bound to shift into a lower gear as the aging population drags on the amount of available labor. Read more arrow

Weakness and strength: 7 snapshots of the U.S. job market

Employers added a meager 142,000 jobs in September, the government said Friday. And the average job gain for each of the past three months — 167,000 — is well below the 231,000 average for the previous three. Read more arrow

Housing, construction may be able to improve U.S. jobs picture 

Even though Friday’s lackluster U.S. jobs report proved a disappointment, the growth in construction and housing jobs might be able to pull the U.S. economy through this rough patch. Read more arrow

Kansas employment stats create muddled picture

The data on employment in Topeka, Wichita and Kansas are behaving in puzzling ways, making it unclear whether their employment pictures are getting better or worse, according to an economist at Wichita State University. Read more arrow

NLRB will let more workers bargain with their employer’s employer

The decision could have widespread implications for subcontracting, franchising, and temporary staffing agencies that have become increasingly prevalent in today's "fissured" economy. Read more arrow 

Should Americans work more? 

While the average American workweek is already longer than in most high-income countries, the Irish and the South Koreans show it’s possible for an advanced country’s workers to put in more hours than we do. Read more arrow 

Labor Department expected to make millions more eligible for OT

Millions of Americans who work in excess of 40 hours a week will qualify for overtime pay under a proposed Labor Department rule. Read more arrow

Nailed it: Construction employment helps fuel economy

April was the best month for construction employment since January 2014, U.S. Labor Department figures showed — and not just for job creation. Unemployment among construction workers fell to its lowest level since 2006. Read more arrow

Despite hiring efforts, veterans face employment obstacles and civilian disconnect

A new report says that vets have trouble finding and keeping jobs and that civilian employers struggle to understand them. Read more arrow

Apartment construction a booming business nationwide

According to U.S. Census Bureau figures, apartment vacancies nationwide hit their lowest point in two decades in the last quarter of 2014: 4.8 percent. The low vacancy rate has led to sky high rents and an explosion of apartment construction that so far cannot keep pace with demand. Read more arrow

Trade plan hopes to grow Wichita exports by more than $1 billion

The Wichita-South Central Kansas Regional Export Plan aims to raise Wichita area exports by $1.1 billion over five years. Such a boost in sales would translate into roughly 6,000 more jobs, according to federal estimates. Read more arrow

The worst mistakes job seekers are still making

In today’s job market, applicants have enough challenges without worrying they’ve made a wrong move bad enough to cost them the position. There are all kinds of theories out there about which blunders are the absolute worst. Read more arrow

Companies face new rules on labor practices

President Obama will sign an executive order that could make it harder for companies that violate wage, labor and anti-discrimination laws to win federal contracts. Read more arrow