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7 reasons to consider temporary work

11/21/17 at 08:14 AM
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by Larry Hannappel

Did you know that temporary jobs comprise about one in five of all new jobs in the U.S. economy?

The reasons employers like working with temporary staffing agencies are well-documented: the speed in hiring, flexibility in scaling the number of employees to fit company needs and giving candidates a trial period before bringing them on permanently.

But what about someone looking for employment? Why should they consider turning to a staffing agency? While it’s true a temp job may only last for a short stretch, here are seven reasons to give it serious consideration:

  1. You’re just getting back into the workforce. After years of not working, stay-at-home moms especially are often viewed as inexperienced and behind the times. Staffing agencies can give them the experience they need to get back up to speed.
  2. You’re interested in a new career. If you’ve working in one field for a long time, employers might not trust your abilities in another. But as a temp worker, employers may be more willing to take the risk.
  3. Temporary work isn’t so temporary. The length of temporary jobs has increased significantly. Most temporary work used to last a couple of days or perhaps a week. Now a lot of the temporary work can last for months.
  4. A boost to your resume. As a newly minted high school or college graduate, a temporary assignment can provide the hands-on experience you need to land that long-term, permanent gig.
  5. Temporary could become permanent. You work hard, put your best foot forward and get along with everyone at work. Once that employer is ready to add a permanent staffer to payroll, they’ll naturally consider you for the job.
  6. You’ll learn things. That temp gig will extend your know-how and allow you to experiment with a new field. Temporary work can help open the door to a new industry.
  7. Grow your network. The employer may not have an opening when their temporary assignment ends, but if you made a few inroads during your time there, you will no doubt leave with solid references.

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Larry Hannappel

Larry spent 16 years with Century Casino’s and was instrumental in the start-up and growth of the company through expansions in Canada, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Poland and on several cruise ships as well as in Colorado. He was most recently the SVP, Principal Finance Officer and COO of North American operations for Century Casinos Inc., a multinational, Nasdaq-traded gaming company. Earlier in his career, Larry worked at the Johns Manville Corp. Larry spent 13 years in various accounting and finance functions in the company’s fiberglass manufacturing division and was key in the start-up of a molding plant in Indiana. Larry and his wife Kathy and three children live in Colorado. He enjoys four-wheeling, motorcycling, golfing, skiing and brewing beer.

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