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Top Deal-Breakers When Applying for, Accepting a Job

Choose your job interview questions well.

If that seems obvious, consider that more than half of U.S. adults say the No. 1 deal-breaker that would deter them from applying for or accepting an offer of employment is inappropriate interview questions, according to the latest American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor survey.

Other reasons that people would refrain from applying for a job or accepting an offer of employment include unrealistic job or skill requirements (51%), misrepresenting job duties (50%), and aggressive behavior of the recruiter or hiring manager (49%).

High-touch human interaction matters to job seekers, according to the survey.

All of this is consistent with the results of an earlier survey focused on job-hunting.

At least three out of 10 adults say they would not apply for or accept a job if the prospective employer fails to respond to questions about open positions (38%), provides poor follow-up by the recruiter or hiring manager (37%), or does not offer any face-to-face contact during the hiring process (30%).

Opinions on potential deal-breakers differ based on gender. Women are more likely than men to express that inappropriate interview questions (56% versus 50%) or aggressive recruiter or hiring manager behavior (52% versus 45%) would discourage them from pursuing employment with an offending company.

The bottom line?

You can use a staffing agency like Apprentice Personnel to help in the process of finding talent. But if not, remember that each touchpoint in the recruitment process vitally matters to job-seekers.

We are, after all, in the tightest labor market in modern history, meaning you can’t afford to make costly mistakes that prevent that perfect candidate from applying for a job or accepting your offer.

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