6 Ways to Be a Better Co-Worker

You’ve worked hard to land a job and made sure you’ve impressed the right people. But a single workplace misstep can send you down the wrong road when it comes to maintaining the trust and respect of co-workers. If your workplace profile needs polishing, keep this list handy. It’ll help remove any doubts about your commitment and ability to work well with others. 

1. Ask What They Think 

People love to be asked their opinion, so go out of your way to ask, “What do you think is missing from this report?” or “How do you think I should handle this situation with X?” Then give the advice-giver a sincere thank you, even if the ideas are less than helpful. 

2. Take Responsibility 

Don’t blame others for mishaps, mistakes, or missed deadlines. It doesn’t take long for co-workers to recognize when you’re being accountable and when you’re passing the buck. Taking responsibility – even when it may not seem fair at the time – pays dividends. You’ll gain the trust and respect of your co-workers, and it won’t go unnoticed to the powers that be. 

3. Save the Drama 

Temper tantrums, outbursts, sulking. That’s workplace drama, and it’s the sort of behavior the demolishes your rep. Gossip, by the way, is no more attractive. When it doubt, hold your tongue, and save the drama for your mama. 

4. Show Up 

Woody Allen said simply showing up was 80% of success, and it’s never more true than at work. Showing up on time is one of the easiest things you can do to gain the respect of co-workers, and showing up late is one of the easiest ways to lose it. Send the message that you value others’ time by eliminating tardiness and arriving at meetings when they are scheduled. Being the office straggler is one reputation certain to precede you – especially if you’re late. 

5. Make Suggestions 

If you see a way to improve processes, say so. Taking the initiative is the way to move from good co-worker to valued coworker. Just make sure you’ve got the facts and figures to support your recommendation – then go for it. 

6. Keep Weekend You Out of the Office 

Workplace relationships are important, and sharing is a vital part of being a valued friend and co-worker. But too much talk about staying out late and having one too many beers can sully your workplace reputation and make you seem immature and irresponsible. Be discrete, and save weekend shenanigans for your BFFs. 

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