Bored at Your Job? A Temporary Position Could Be the Answer

The exact cause of the Great Resignation — labor shortages across the economy even though employment is still five million below its pre-pandemic level — has been hard to explain.

Unlike the “skills gap” we saw after the 2008 downturn, the labor shortages this time seem to be real. Workers are quitting at record rates, an indication that they feel confident about finding new jobs. Also, wages are growing at rates normally associated with the peak of a boom.

In other words, workers are feeling empowered.

And that’s why we suggest that, if your job has become boring, this might be the perfect time to take a step back, stop going to work every day to a job you dread and find something new.

There are plenty of interesting career opportunities in a wide variety of fields, from retail to customer service to reception to warehouse or light industrial work.

With an infinite array of possibilities, it can be hard to know where to start when looking for a more interesting line of work. One of your best options may be to take a temp job. A temporary position is a smart choice for those looking to transition out of a dull office job for many reasons, including:

The ability to earn income during the job transition. There’s no need to go without income as you transition into a more interesting profession. Taking a temp job allows you to earn money as you figure out your way forward.

No long-term commitment. With a temp job, there’s no expectation of a long-term position when you get started, so you have the opportunity to try out lots of different jobs without disappointing anyone.

The opportunity to develop new skills.  As you take on temp jobs, you’ll learn new skills that can help you find meaningful work in new fields – ones that excite you.

Apprentice Personnel can help you to find open positions now in a new field so you can say goodbye to being bored at your job. To check out our available temp positions, just click here.

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