As Construction Rebounds, Staffing Services Ready with Manpower

As the U.S. economy begins to pounce back, finding qualified construction workers has suddenly become a challenge. Construction is rebounding more quickly than other sectors as postponed projects finally rev up. But as a construction manager, how do you put together a productive team with rival firms also battling to recruit top talent?

Savvy construction firms are turning to third parties to help manage the tricky, and laborious, process of identifying trades workers in key positions. The advantages to delegating the hiring to experts are many:

  1. Find the trades expert. Staffing services that specialize in placing construction personnel will be able to meet your full jobsite needs. No need to waste time contacting multiple agencies which may not be immersed in the building trades.
  2. Managing onboarding. Take the pressure off HR by letting the staffing service onboard your trades people. A full-service agency will handle it all, from intake interviews to resume and background checks to acquainting your new employees with an overview of the project they will be working on.
  3. Benefits and workers comp paid by the agency. You don’t have to worry about health insurance and related benefits — the right agency will have you (and your new workers) covered. This is especially important in construction, where injuries can be problematic with new hires.
  4. Replacement workers always available. Despite an agency’s best efforts to make a good temp-employer match, sometimes things just don’t work out. The service will handle that part of it, ensuring that you have a smooth transition if there’s a rocky start.
  5. Meet your deadlines. An agency that specializes in placing trades workers will quickly meet your project needs. That way, you can get on with the building, which is what you do best.

As the industry returns to full speed, employers will have enough challenges to meet without having to constantly worry about having the right professionals in the right jobs on the jobsite. Hand that over to a staffing service firm that understands your business and is there to help you prosper.

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