Easing Your Job-Search Amid COVID

COVID cramping your search? We are here to help!

You have been laid off during COVID. Your new job is sitting at home, looking for your next job. Despite the ongoing threat of the virus, some employers want you to show up in person as they sift through applications.

You know that’s less than ideal. What to do?

Have you considered getting that next job through a staffing services agency? One that has your health and safety factored into the job-seeking process during COVID?

Apprentice Personnel is one such firm. We want you to succeed. And part of that success today looks like finding the right fit, one that does not include unnecessary exposure to a deadly virus.

It’s easy to work with Apprentice Personnel. We have a long history of facilitating connections between highly skilled workers and the employers that need those skills. And with the specter of COVID hanging over every jobseeker’s head, we have taken the risk out of the search.

You never have to leave the safety and comfort of your home to find the right fit through Apprentice Personnel. Apprentice Personnel’s onboarding process lives completely online. Simply visit our employee portal, select the geographic region of your preference, and hop aboard.

Once you have entered our data base, you access employment services designed to quickly connect you to an employer who wants what you have to offer.

Everything can be done online, from profiles to applications to employment forms. So why should you have to worry about your health during COVID when what you really need right now is a job? Don’t delay your search until conditions improve. Who knows when that might occur? Join our team today, and let us find that right fit for you now.

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