When ‘Help Wanted’ Doesn’t Work

Those in businesses like construction, warehousing, or hospitality are accustomed to the sudden increases in demand for services that call for quickly staffing up. This year, as the economy has rebounded, it should have been fairly easy to find the workers needed to be fully staffed.

But many employers have found it difficult to attract help in those areas. Why? Economists say it’s due to the generous government subsidies that were created to sustain those thrown out of work by the pandemic. People receiving enhanced unemployment compensation are choosing to stay out of the workforce as long as the payments continue.

This phenomenon is throwing a serious monkey wrench into many companies’ plans to ramp up their business, especially with the summer months just around the corner. There’s no telling yet when the subsidies will expire. But as an employer, you can’t wait for the faucet to shut off. You need employees now to take advantage of the growing demand. What to do?

Temporary staffing services that specialize in these industries have the manpower you need.

Temp agencies with areas of focus maintain lists of eligible, experienced workers who want to work. These people have already been thoroughly vetted by the agency, which handles all the admin details so you get an employee who hits the ground running.

Especially if your firm is among those who are offering pay rates above the industry minimum in order to find the right talent, a staffing service can quickly help power up your business — while your competitors run “Help wanted” ads and hope for the best.

So don’t let the economic rebound bounce right past you. Get in touch with a reputable staffing service today. They will find the right people to bring you up to speed.

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