Hiring and Rehiring After COVID-19

In fits and starts, we’re getting back to work. As that happens, and as the economy starts up again, employers will need to consider whether to rehire or replace workers they furloughed or laid off as COVID-19 swept the world. 

Will Temby
Will Temby

Under the best-case scenarios, we could see a sudden, massive demand for goods and services. That could easily mean some of your best former employees have gone to work elsewhere. And while everyone would welcome a resurgent economy, there’s a lot of risk in making quick hiring decisions. 

There also are all kinds of costs involved in finding employees, including advertising open positions, reviewing résumés, interviewing candidates, and training a new worker. 

Once a new worker is hired, others must also spend time training them, and it will take some time for the new worker to achieve the same level of productivity as the worker who left. 


One avenue that companies can take is to hire back fewer permanent employees and turn instead to a temporary staffing firm. With temp workers, employers are not responsible for benefits, and they can more simply increase or decrease the number of workers as needed. 

A few national brands — Walmart, Domino’s and Amazon, among others – made good use of temporary employees as their businesses saw a surge of demand for products during the pandemic. 

What they saw was a hiring process that usually takes weeks condensed to less than a day in some cases. 

HR departments, we know, will have their hands full with finding candidates over the next few months, if not longer. A temporary employment firm can free up their time by taking on the workload of qualifying and vetting candidates.  

The labor market was at historical levels before COVID-19. It might not get to that point again for a little while, but it’s easy to imagine things becoming competitive again fairly soon. 

At Apprentice Personnel, we’re experts in finding qualified candidates. We know and understand the industry you work in, and we understand the job skills and requirements you need. You can reopen your doors and hope the right talent flows back. Or you can be strategic about re-staffing your business so that you can test out candidates we supply and make permanent the ones with the right skills and attitude. 

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