4 Tips on Hiring Temporary Workers for the Holidays

The retail giant we all love to hate, Amazon, plans to add 150,000 temporary workers for the holiday season, a 50% increase from the company’s holiday hiring push a year ago. Other large retailers are doing the same. So where does that leave smaller employers, at a time when the so-called Great Resignation is showing no sign of easing?

We have some ideas to help but first, know that an Amazon holiday job this year comes with an average starting pay of $18 an hour, sign-on bonuses up to $3,000 and an additional $3 an hour in pay for certain shifts in some locations.

Wow, right?

No one wants to find themselves short-handed with too few employees, so here are four tips that can help you through the season ahead.

1. Start today. Waiting until the last minute to ask your temporary staffing agency for some additional workers won’t work. The agency might have already sent all their qualified workers to other companies, so you’ll be left with no options or have to settle for temps without the right experience. So start early, start today, so that your temp agency can meet your staffing needs effectively.

2. Get your onboarding procedures in place. You’ll want to be sure orientation, safety training and mentoring are locked down. That includes giving your new hires a tour of your workplace, showing them the products and services they will handle, and introducing them to the others on your team. Spend some time to explain how everyone’s workflows fit together. For employees who are new to their role, assign them mentors from your existing workforce to help guide them. And, by all means, make sure they attend regular safety trainings just like everyone else in your care.

3. Treat them as if they were permanent employee. It’s important to keep temps in the loop to avoid confused, ill-equipped workers or violating labor laws. You also want to give outsiders a good impression of your brand, so treat them as well as you would a full-time employee.

4. Adjust your pay scale. Bumping wages at the moment is pretty much unavoidable. But if that’s not possible, consider other ways to make your job openings more appealing. Think about offering flexibility and training. You could also consider offering discounted products or services. 

Ready to get moving? Great! Call us today and let Apprentice Personnel help take the load off you and the rest of your team.

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