As Hospitality Recovers, Staffing Services Can Get You Placed Quickly

As more people are vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, plans are being made once again to travel, dine out, and, well, enjoy life again.

But the optimism generated by the availability of the vaccine does not quite match the reality that the hospitality industry is experiencing. Most forecasts remain gloomy. Business travel will be depressed for several years, and hospitality employment is not expected to return to anywhere near pre-pandemic levels of 2.3 million in the U.S. for a while.

Given this, hospitality workers who have been displaced may want to take a different tact to returning to work this year. One option is to go “door to door,” seeking employment hotel by hotel, restaurant by restaurant. Another more viable option? Align with a staffing service provider.

Temporary staffing agencies have the contacts needed to quickly find a match among companies that are staffing up now. They will be able to find a position for qualified individuals that needs to be filled immediately, saving the hospitality job hunter the frustration of a time-wasting search for a needle-in-the-jobs haystack.

Staffing service firms offer the hospitality worker several critical advantages in this still-difficult job market:

  1. Rapid return to meaningful work. With a list of employers looking to fill key positions today, your chances of getting back to the work you know and love are far higher than they would be answering ads on craigslist.
  2. Multiple employer experience. You can test the environment at several different workplaces as a temp, which will be helpful should you decide to accept fulltime hospitality employment somewhere.
  3. Benefits while you temp. As you know, benefits in hospitality can be uneven. Reputable staffing services will provide benefits for you while you go to work at your assigned location.
  4. See the world! The staffing service has a Rolodex of employers in your region, with access to a national employer database. You geographic preferences will be considered by the agency. It’s a great opportunity for those who want to test the waters in a new location.

Yes, the hospitality industry is coming back. Sadly, not as rapidly as it disappeared. The way to navigate the disruption in the business is to let a staffing service get you back on the job. Word-of-mouth and who you know just are not going to get it done right now.

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