There’s no shortage of opportunities to make HR mistakes. Here, we take a look at five common problem areas and what you can do to avoid or correct them.

Don’t Make These 5 HR Mistakes

Whether temporary or permanent, your employees are a large part of your business success. But what if they aren’t happy? If they aren’t happy, you can bet your customers aren’t either. 

There’s no shortage of opportunities to make HR mistakes. Here, we take a look at five common problem areas and what you can do to avoid or correct them. 

Mistake #1: Missing Out on Training 

Do you spend time training your team in the art of customer service when onboarding them? 

Do you offer refresher training in customer service throughout the year? Do you provide ongoing service training? 

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then it’s time to turn your training regimen around. 

Training isn’t a “once and done” deal. It’s something that’s ongoing. Why? It’s because your staff is your most important resource. 

More than half of your customers won’t return to your business after one turn of bad service. This is the most compelling reason to make sure your staff receives proper, ongoing training in customer service. 

Mistake #2: Communicating Poorly 

Good communication is the cornerstone of good employee morale which is the cornerstone of good customer service. 

Consider an open-door policy when it comes to your employees. Let them know you’re open to their questions, comments, and suggestions. 

Mistake #3: Not Providing Feedback 

When it comes to feedback, this is a vital tool in the manager’s arsenal. It’s a positive way to engage with team members and provide additional training. 

For example, you see an employee graciously helping a rather disgruntled customer. She handles the situation with ease, and your customer leaves happy. Make sure to compliment her and tell her what you liked about the interaction. 

Conversely, if you see another worker consistently treating customers with disdain and in a hurried manner, pull him aside and discuss the issue. You may find you can provide some training to help him over the hurdle. 

By providing prompt feedback to your team, you help them improve their performance on a consistent basis.  

Mistake #4: Not Making Time for Your Staff 

Take some time for “management by wandering around.” This means leaving your office several times during each day and going out and talking to your employees. You might even roll up your sleeves and help them when needed. 

When you’re more approachable, you’ll find you have happier team members and better morale all around. 

Mistake #5: Having Double Standards 

Do you have one set of rules for your team and one set for yourself? If so, it’s time to take a look at your standards. As the leader, you are the role model for your employees. Set the bar and let them rise to meet it. 

This pertains to actions such as personal phone calls during a shift as well as attitude. For example, if you have a negative attitude towards customers, your team will, too. 

Mold your team by setting a good example. 

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