Insecurity at the office?

We’ve seen all kinds of workplace polls over the years but this one stands apart.

The poll found that workers — it surveyed 3,000 of them — generally feel safe and secure at work, but when pressed for details, also have some fears.

“The vast majority of workers (93 percent) feel their office is a secure place to work,” the CareerBuilder survey said. “But is this sense of security misguided? Fewer than half of workers (37 percent) say they have a security guard at their workplace, and 1 in 5 (22 percent) are unsure how they would protect themselves in the case of an emergency in their office that posed a physical threat.”

The survey found:

  • 17 percent of the respondents do not feel their workplaces are well-protected in case of a fire, flood, or other disaster;
  • 22 percent don’t believe their companies have emergency plans in place should such events occur;
  • 19 percent do not feel their workplaces are well-protected from weather-related threats;
  • 26 percent do not think their companies have an emergency plan in place if they were ever faced with extremely severe weather;
  • 31 percent do not feel their workplace is well-protected from a physical threat from another person;
  • 41 percent do not believe their company has an emergency plan in place in event of a physical attack from another person;
  • 31 percent do not feel their workplaces are well-protected from a digital hacking threat;
  • 39 percent do not feel their companies have an emergency plan in place in the event of a technology security breach.

Employers, of course, have an obligation to protect their employees, and that includes having an emergency plan in place to deal with unforeseen events. And, remember, it’s also important that your staff has easy access to such a plan and participates in regular drills so that everyone knows how to protect themselves and others.

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