Getting the Job When You’re Not a Perfect Match

The pendulum has swung back; it’s a job candidate’s market now, with millions of jobs available and too few workers to go around.

What this means for those who are interested in work is more than merely plenty to choose from. It also means that you might have a good shot at a job even if you lack all the experience employers are seeking.

We’ve all seen those help-wanted ads with requirements that run for miles. Most of the time that person doesn’t even exist.

Here’s how to present what skills you do have to get the job you may not be fully qualified for.

Start by taking the skills you do have and place them in a favorable light. Try revamping your resume to make use of keywords. You’ll find these in the job description itself. Highlight the skills you think an employer will want while downplaying anything thing you might be missing.

Your objective is to draw attention to your skills and highlight strengths that would make you a good candidate to consider. Make sure your resume tells the story of how you made a difference in your jobs. 

Once you’ve done that, send us your materials. We’re here to help connect employers with the most able workers, to help you get your foot in the door by pitching your candidacy and highlighting your job skills.

And remember, candidates are often hired based on their personality, not just the job skills they bring to the table. It’s OK to say, “I may not have the experience for the job but if you pick me, I will work hard to learn what I need to get the job done.”

Demonstrate your enthusiasm, confidence, and energy, and employers will be more likely sit up and take notice.

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