Need Managers? Staffing Services Have the Talent You Need

Your company is growing fast, and you need management talent right now. You promoted from within, only to find that your team members were not ready to manage others – not to mention a budget, basic legal issues, and hard-and-fast deadlines.

Now, with pressure growing to scale your business, you’re in a bind. You don’t have time to sort through dozens of resumes, and you’ve heard that top talent is difficult to obtain as the economy rebounds.

Can a staffing service meet this need? Can they send you people who can jump in now and manage growth? Could these same temps prove to be a longer-term management solution?

In fact, top-tier staffing services can meet this need, and do so every day. Staffing companies have evolved from suppliers of quick office fixes to providers of a broad range of talent. In part, it’s a reflection of larger trends in the workplace. As the gig economy has expanded, employees of all skills sets have looked to staffing services to connect them with the right workplace fit.

Management level personnel now occupy an increasingly prominent niche within these notable agencies, as people with elevated management skills look to a service to provide them with their next challenge. Need a project lead? Someone to take charge of the job site? All these management positions, and more, are waiting for you to call.

The right temp agency can send you talented managers in mid-career who are looking for a new home. With the right staffing service, you’re the boss of the match. So don’t let a lack of available managers keep your business from reaching new heights. Contact a staffing service like Apprentice Personnel and tap into a wide pool of management talent.

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