5 Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Chances of Landing the Next Temp Assignment

Congratulations! You’ve been hired for a temporary assignment in the field you love and the pay is solid. So how can you be sure you keep the job? Here are five mistakes that you don’t want to make.

1. Not Arriving on Time 

Getting to work on time isn’t something you want to do only on your first day at work. It’s important to report to your job assignment at the designated start time every day. It shows that you respect your manager’s time and are serious about your work. Coming to work late on a regular basis not only leaves a negative impression, it can easily hurt your odds of getting another assignment. 

2. Failing to Follow Safety Procedures 

This can have serious consequences in many respects. Ignoring safety rules increases the chances you’ll get hurt. It also can be grounds for dismissal and a valid reason for a staffing agency not to place you in another job. 

3. Taking Care of Personal Business on Company Time 

We all have bills to pay, texts to send to friends and can easily find ways to waste company time. None of these activities, of course, are why you’re being paid. So stay focused on your job and leave personal activities for your lunch break or after your shift. 

4. Sloppy Work 

A high-valued temp worker is one who does their best work while on a job assignment. They are the ones that are consistently placed by staffing agencies as well as hired as permanent employees. So don’t be sloppy in your work. Instead, go above and beyond expectations so you can truly stand out. 

5. Failing to Make Yourself Visible. 

We’re not suggesting you brag, but it’s not a bad idea to make sure the boss knows you’ve made a difference. So take credit where credit is due. Showcase your involvement and let the manager know exactly what part of the project was the result of your efforts. 

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