Is your temp agency pandemic-proof?

Your company, an aviation parts manufacturer, provides what the government classifies as an essential service. Working from home is not an option during the pandemic – even for most non-production employees.

Demand for your product is accelerating, and you need to add staff now. You have been advised to work with a staffing services agency to meet the immediate need. But you have never done so before, and you are unsure what your obligations are to temps should they become ill while working for you.

So, with all that in mind, before you engage a staffing service, here’s what we recommend that you ask of any temp agency you’re considering:

  1. Do you provide a health plan for your temps that includes access to primary care services, so that illnesses like COVID can be quickly diagnosed?
  2. Can you verify that the temps you provide have tested negative for COVID?
  3. If one of your temps tests positive for COVID – or develops another condition causing them to miss a chunk of work – will you replace them with another qualified employee at no extra cost?

Getting answers to questions like these before you hire a staffing service will help you choose one that understands your heightened labor force needs during the pandemic.

Our team at Apprentice Personnel wants to become your staffing business partner for the long term. That’s why we provide health benefits to our employees – we know a healthy worker is a more productive worker.

That’s also why, if one of our temps files a workers’ compensation claim while working for you, we take care of it.

And that’s why, if someone we sent to you is laid up for any period of time, we will replace that person immediately, at no extra cost to you.

Staffing services can provide employers with the right people at the right time to adapt to changing business conditions. But not all staffing agencies are built to help you weather a pandemic.

So before you sign on the dotted line, make sure the service is pandemic-proof.

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