5 Reasons to Ramp Up with Temp Power

Your business took a nosedive during 2020 and you had to lay off half the staff. Now, the work is coming in and hiring is picking up. You’re under pressure to staff up quickly to meet this demand.

You consulted a recruiter who brought you top talent in the past. The recruiter advised you to take a two-pronged approach to rehiring: Offer full-time positions to only your most reliable and productive former employees, and contact a reputable staffing service to provide the rest of the workers you need.

Why? Here are 5 reasons cited by the recruiter to engage a temp agency:

  1. Upgrade your workforce seamlessly. The agency can send you qualified personnel, and you can evaluate them on the job as potential full-time employees. Temps that do not meet your criteria can be replaced quickly with no obligation on your part outside of your contractual obligations with the agency.
  2. Ramp up at the right pace. The agency is your just-in-time personnel provider. It can send you just as many qualified employees as you need this week or this month. If demand jumps, the agency is there to send more help. If things slow down, temps can be let go without endless paperwork.
  3. Reduce admin costs during the sprint. The temp agency handles the paperwork for the personnel it sends you. The agency cuts the paychecks, pays the benefits, manages taxes and Social Security, and handles unemployment and workers comp matters. HR is forever grateful.
  4. Focus on your work, not finding workers. You can concentrate on calling back only your former top producers and keeping them happy. Meantime, the agency fills the rest of the slots. It handles the burden of sifting through resumes and interviewing candidates for your firm while you get the product out the door.
  5. Rethink your company for long-term success. By partnering with a staffing service during this critical time, you will see the advantages of the two-tiered workforce going forward. Why not make the agency a permanent partner as the provider of personnel in specific job categories? Fewer headaches, fewer obligations, and a good supply of job candidates who could become you next all-stars!
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