Don’t Let the Great Resignation Hold You Back

Ever since the pandemic struck, employers have had the ground cut out from under them. A year ago, they were scrambling to figure out how (or even if) they could get the work done remotely. For many, this was a tough learning curve.

Now, a year later, managers face The Great Resignation. Getting the job done now may be even more difficult than it was in 2020.

As noted in a recent Bloomberg article, the traditional balance between management and labor has been completely disrupted. More than 25% of workers in a Prudential survey in March plan to job-hop as soon as the pandemic dissipates.

Now, the employee has the upper hand. So, just as companies that laid off folks are racing to staff up again, the resumes are not flowing in. Employees — and former employees — realize the current environment is ideal for job-hopping. Those seeking higher pay and benefits, and work-life balance perks, are quitting their jobs (or refusing to return to previous jobs) in record-breaking numbers.

Managers are searching for ways to retain top talent as The Great Resignation sweeps through the workplace. Suggestions range from everything from “please stay here” bonuses to better pay and benefits, additional training, guarantees of at least some remote working options, and a corporate cultural overall.

But cooler heads see an opportunity in this labor-management balance shift. Writing in the Wall Street Journal, columnist Rachel Feintzeig said, “Above all, remember that attrition isn’t automatically a bad thing. It can be a chance to upgrade your team. And if you do it right, it can pay dividends down the line.”

And one way to take advantage of that opportunity is to plug in to a staffing service company that can provide your team with a steady flow of experienced temps who value the chance to get back to work for a company like yours.

Getting employees who hit the ground running is one of the major advantages of partnering with a temp agency. Another: The agency handles the candidate screening for you, and monitors their progress to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

In addition, the agency handles the employees’ benefits, and takes care of other administrative chores that often clog the hiring process when multiple employees are needed.

So don’t panic as reports of the Great Resignation dominate your news feed. Keep your cool as you retool, and look to a professional staffing service to keep you running as hot as the economic rebound.

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