The "war for talent" means that people needed to get the job done are a hot commodity. How to hold onto your skilled workforce.

Want to Keep Your Skilled Workforce Happy? Here Are 3 Ways

By Lon Matejczyk  

The latest labor statistics showed job creation posted a solid rebound in March, with the unemployment rate holding steady at 3.8%. 

If you’re looking for work, that’s obviously great news, especially after dismal figures the month before had everyone wondering whether the decade-old economic expansion was nearing an end. 

Lon Matejczyk

On the other hand, with demand for labor running so strong, it can be tough to recruit and hold onto a skilled workforce. 

The “war for talent” means that people with the skills, training, and experience necessary to get the job done are a hot commodity. So, what’s the best way to get them — and keep them? Here are three of our recommendations: 

  1. Compensate appropriately. Job satisfaction starts with appropriate compensation for the level of skill and experience. People can’t take pride in their work, think about their future, or become fully engaged unless they are making enough money to support their families and meet other financial obligations. Decent hourly wages go a long way in addressing this issue. 
  2. Focus on training. One of the biggest factors in job satisfaction is the opportunity to receive education and training, thus opening the door to career advancement. Help your people master their crafts; it’s a wise investment that yields great returns. And, yes, we mean even among your temporary labor. It’s a great way to become known as an “employer of choice.” 
  3. Ensure their safety. This is basic, right? Take every step necessary to ensure the safety of your skilled labor force, from clearing away trip-and-fall hazards and debris to ensuring they have the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) for your industry. Develop effective trainings, and hold everyone — yourself included! — accountable for following safety rules and regulations. Again, employers of choice take care of their people first and foremost. 

Taking these steps, and others, will help you keep your skilled workforce where you need it — with you. When you do experience gaps or shortages, however, make sure to contact Apprentice Personnel. We’re here to provide qualified skilled professionals that drive your business forward.

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