If you’re not working at the moment but are serious about finding a job, temporary or permanent, perhaps there's a skills gap to blame.

Still Can’t Find Work? Perhaps a Skills Gap is to Blame?

If you’re in search of a job at the moment but aren’t working yet, it could because you lack relevant skills. 

More than half of Americans (54%) think a skills gap is to blame for most people’s unemployment, according to the results of a new American Staffing Association survey. 

But those surveyed also point to other factors preventing them from finding a job including: 

  • Few jobs available in their specific field, trade, or skill set (45%) 
  • Limited job opportunities where they live (33%) 
  • They require a job with flexible working hours (26%) 
  • They are too discouraged to keep looking (24%) 

These same Americans are divided when asked if they think the U.S. is currently a job seekers’ market or an employers’ market. After being offered definitions, four in 10 (44%) say it is a job seekers’ market — where there are many opportunities available — while a similar proportion (38%) say it is an employers’ market — where opportunities for jobs seekers are limited. 

The bottom line on this?  

To us, it’s clear: with close to seven million job openings in America, it’s clearly a job seeker’s market with all kinds of opportunity. 

What about that skills gap? Well, it’s important to note that the qualifications employers were looking for got steadily higher as the unemployment rate rose during the Great Recession. And as the unemployment rate started to fall during the recovery, so did employers’ skill needs. 

In other words, if you’re not working but are serious about finding a job, temporary or permanent, perhaps what you really need is a bit of help.  

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