Let a Temp Agency Supply your Alternate Players

If you’ve been following the Olympics, the critical importance of bench strength cannot have escaped your attention.

When a team loses a front-line athlete with everything on the line, performances by the team’s alternates can spell the difference between gold and no medal at all.

The same is true in the hospitality business. You’ve staffed up with top performers at every position. But how deep is your bench? Do you have the personnel available to step in for the line cook who’s a no-show on Friday night? The dishwasher whose car broke down? The front-of-the-house all-star who decided to take another job with no notice?

That’s where a temporary personnel agency can play a huge role in your success.

Start by rethinking your staff’s composition. Instead of assembling a team of full-time employees with benefits, designate some of those positions to be filled by temps. Then find a staffing service you can work closely with to develop a pool of available hospitality veterans with multiple skills.

Your line cook fails to show? Jesse, one of the temps, shifts from server to line cook, since she’s got that on her resume. No dishwasher? Karl and Sharon are happy to fill in on short notice. And it turns out that front-of-the-house diva wasn’t irreplaceable after all, once Carlysle shifts from line cook and steps up with a winning smile and a pleasant, “And how many in your party?”

You can protect your hospitality business from absenteeism (and presenteeism as well) by aligning with the right temporary services firm. So don’t panic if you’re down a first-stringer or two on game night. The right temp agency’s got your back.

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