Temps can lead to success with your hospitality reopening

Your hotel restaurant and banquet service had to shut down as the pandemic took its toll on the hospitality industry. Now, as the environment is shifting, you have been given the official green light to reopen. But can you do so with confidence, given the news reports of virus flare-ups, variants, and ineffective vaccines?

You can – by tapping into a temporary employment agency that specializes in hospitality employees.

Restaurants and caterers are especially challenged now to reopen successfully. Like many owners, you had to furlough or permanently lay off loyal employees. Your instinct is to call them back first because you owe them the opportunity. But what if there’s another restaurant red light and you have to let them go again?

There’s another concern: salaries and benefits. You’ve been closed — or close to it — for about a year. Can you really expect to be profitable by reopening with the same cost structure you had a year ago?

The short-term answer is to bring in skilled temporary employees. They know their stuff, they’re looking for work, they want to impress you with their kitchen or customer service skills. The agency pays their benefits, so you’re saving on reopening costs right there.

Once you are back in business and back in the black, and the way forward is finally clear, THEN you call back the old team members. But since you’ve found some gems among your temps, you only need to call back your very best.

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