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5 Ways Temporary Staffing Can Help You Control Costs

We’re all interested in making sure operating margins are as healthy as they can be, whether clambering back from COVID-19 or at any other time. Turning to temporary staffing is an obvious way to control costs.  

We talked recently in this space about how a temporary employment agency can help you reduce the risk of hiring mistakes. Here now are five more practical staffing strategies to help you control costs: 

  1. Eliminate overtime. Employee overtime is a costly way to get work done. Using temporary employees in place of overtime can reduce labor costs by 20% or more. Instead of paying time-and-a-half to existing employees, you’ll pay standard rates to temporary staffers. The savings will add up fast, allowing your company to be more profitable than ever.

  2. Reduce training costs. Training is expensive, but employing skilled temporary employees allows you to gain access to candidates who are well-trained and have experience in the skills you need.

  3. Shift administrative burden. Using temporary staff means that all costs associated with processing and administering payroll and benefits are transferred from your company to the staffing firm.

  4. Prevent unemployment claims. Remember that temporary personnel work for your staffing partner, not you. That means their unemployment claims don’t affect your rating or your bottom line.

  5. Avoid burning out your permanent staff. We’re all going to be thinking “lean” for a bit. But don’t push it too far. People can only work so many hours in a day, so many days in a row, before they reach burnout. Pushing regular staff to do more with less can and does lead to problems with quality, productivity, absenteeism, and turnover. Take the pressure off everyone by using temporary employees.
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