The Affordable Care Act: How Temp Staffing Can Help

By Larry Hannappel

The U.S. Supreme Court this year upheld the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

So now what?

Getting a handle on the ACA isn’t for the faint of heart; it’s extremely complex stuff for even the experts and things might change.

For now, however, it’s safe to say that employers have a few options: comply with the law, pay the penalty or structure their workforces so as not to be subject to the law.  

Under the law, large employers – those with more than 50 full-time equivalent employees – will face penalties starting in 2014 if they fail to offer health plan coverage to all full-time employees.

Full-time workers include anyone scheduled to work 30 hours or more per week on average. The penalties can be harsh: if you fail to offer health plan benefits to even one such full-time employee, you will have to pay a per-employee penalty of $2,000 based on the total number of your full-time employees.

But don’t despair; there are some options for employers.

Rather than simply paying the penalty or providing health care benefits to all employees, employers can restructure their workforce to stay below the 50-employee threshold.

And that’s where temporary workers can help.

Employers can bring on more temporary workers on the understanding that staffing agencies like Apprentice Personnel will provide the required insurance.

Also, the use of seasonal workers may allow some employers to escape the ACA’s insurance mandate. 

The Internal Revenue Service has proposed a seasonal-worker exception that would permit employers to escape the mandate if its employment of seasonal workers classified it as a “large employer.”

Such employers will not be subject to the ACA if the employer uses the services of seasonal workers hired though a staffing agency, the employer’s workforce was only over 50 full-time employees for 120 days or less during the preceding calendar year, and all of the employees in excess of 50 full-time employees were seasonal workers. 

Finally, while we cannot promise that our clients will not see an increase in rates come Jan 1, 2014 to pay for healthcare, Apprentice Personnel is tackling these issues now and working on real solutions to minimize the impact of healthcare reform.

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