Warehouse workers: The Temp Opportunity Beckons

The COVID-19 pandemic converted thousands of office workers into home office workers. But not every job can be done remotely. If your gig happens to be warehousing, you need to be onsite. And if you are currently job-hunting, temping may be the right choice.

While the pandemic did not convert your job to a remote one, the workplace dislocations created did convince more employers to hire temps to increase their workforce flexibility. Overall, temps performed effectively in 2020, and employers are likely to continue to hire them.

In warehousing, the numbers indicate that this is your opportunity to “try out” a new employer without making a fulltime commitment. Job openings have increased significantly in warehousing in a year-to-year comparison released by the U.S.  Bureau of Labor Statistics, and separations of all types from those jobs have dropped considerably compared to a year ago.

What that means to you is that employers are hiring, and they are eager to retain good help.  Stability awaits you — as does the chance to test-drive employers to find out if you’re a good fit.

With a temp agency that specializes in warehouse positions, you’ll find your next job without having to do hours of job searches and employment applications. The agency does that for you. It covers your wages and benefits as you get to know your new workplace.  If the fit isn’t right, you can request another placement. And if it does, you can make the decision about whether to go fulltime or retain temporary status.

Either way, temping will get you where you want to go, efficiently, and without all the stress associated with finding a fulltime job on your own.

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