Job Seekers: 3 Ways Temp Agencies Offer Smooth Return to Work

Last spring, millions of U.S. employees began receiving pink slips. But lawmakers stepped in to ensure that most of them would be guaranteed basic protections, including stimulus checks, supplemental unemployment insurance, eviction moratoriums, and more.

Now, many of those protections are poised to disappear. If you are among those who lost a job due to COVID-19, you may want to consider workforce re-entry sooner rather than later. You do not want to wait until all support has been pulled from under you to start your job search.

But job-hunting in the current environment will be challenging. Companies looking to ramp up will be flooded with resumes; the hiring process assuredly will be prolonged as qualified candidates by the hundreds apply for every available position.

Here are three major advantages that staffing services/temporary employee agencies like Apprentice Personnel offer to those looking to quickly return to work:

  1. It’s who you know: Staffing services maintain ongoing relationships with hundreds of employers, often representing a wide range of industries and job descriptions. Why spend days searching for job matches when the agency can quickly find the right job – or jobs – for you?
  1. Take it for a test drive: Ever accepted a new job only to realize after the honeymoon period that you made a mistake? Untangling yourself from a mismatch can be nasty –and sometimes impossible if you need the benefits. As an employee of a staffing service, you receive benefits from the agency. Meantime, you are NOT an employee of the employer with which you are placed. If things don’t work out, the separation is pretty much painless. If it does, you may find yourself going from temporary to permanent employee.
  2. Reinventing me: Expectations of temps are different from those of full-time hires. But so are the learning opportunities. As a temp, you onboard with a client to fill a specific role. The new employer does not see you as a long-term solution. But you are often called upon to be the team flex worker, someone who can jump into a new role, work a different shift, take on a tough short-term assignment. These are all resume-builders that increase your value on the next assignment — and push your career into high gear.

As America gets back to work, staffing services are there to reconnect workers with jobs. Apprentice Personnel represents the elite service, one that equally represents the interests of the employer and employee. Let us help you find the right match to get 2021 off to a profitable start!

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