When Working from Home Just Isn’t an Option

If employers need more evidence that hiring is tough for everyone right now, research reports continue to emerge illustrating just how dire the situation has become. Thousands of employees are planning to look for new employers – especially those who are “stuck” in jobs that do not offer remote working opportunities.

That’s one of the big takeaways from a survey of employees by Randstad US, a division of Randstad Life Sciences. That survey reported, among other things, that nearly 1 in 5 workers had already changed jobs in the last year, and that the desire to work remotely motivated a lot of those job hops.

“While 42 percent of workers that changed jobs cited compensation as the primary reason for their switch, many also considered benefits (30 percent), the opportunity to work remotely (23 percent) [emphasis added], and workplace culture (23 percent) as key motivating factors,” Randstad said.

Now, the survey found, more than half of currently employed workers want the flexibility to work remotely at least part of the time. Offering footloose workers higher pay and benefits simply doesn’t work, if what they really desire is the chance to work from home.

But what happens if your business depends on having bodies in the premises to get the work done?

Warehousing is one. You really can’t load and unload trucks from your living room couch.

Or hospitality. How can you wait tables and prepare food in front of a computer screen on your deck?

How many new buildings are going to be built by remote carpenters and bricklayers?

The reality is that employers in those industries are going to lose valuable employees to the siren song of working from home, and no incentives will keep them from leaving.

But there is a solution, one that has stood the test of time: tap into a supply of temporary workers who are familiar with your industry and can hit the ground running for you.

Temps already have flexibility – it’s built in to the job. But these employees aren’t looking to work from home. Instead, they want the freedom to choose where they work, without having to go through the actual job search themselves.

For you, the employer, it’s an ideal situation. Instead of pleading with someone to stay, you’re getting someone who wants to work for you. Someone who, if they like the fit, may become your next top performer.

If you partner with the right temp agency – one that specializes in your domain – the lure of remote working won’t slow you down.

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