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We Are:

  • On-call 24/7 for our clients
  • Open at 7:00 - 5:00 Monday-Friday
  • On-call all the time
  • Quick response time
The industries we service include: institutional food and facilities services, property management, light industrial, hospitality and catering, non-clinical medical, clerical/administrative, government, construction...and much more!
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Apprentice Personnel is one of the premier staffing agencies in Kansas City. If you need to find the right hire for a position that you need to fill, get it today through Apprentice Personnel. We are open 6 days a week for your convenience, and have over 20 years of experience. We screen all our workers and make sure each one of them is the right one for the job. We can provide short-term or long-term hires. We can provide a single person or a team of workers. We can provide all of this at a low cost to your business.

We have served clients in many different industries:

Professional Property Management services: Good property management begins with a responsible and realistic approach to the tenant screening process. We have staff with the experience to place your property in the hands of tenants who are qualified and stable enough to live in the home, saving you money by avoiding late payments, and damages.

Hospitality: We have staff who are experienced and passionate about providing the best service and the highest standard of food quality to your guests, whether you are in the catering business, hotel business, or any other business in which service to your guests are a vital part of your daily operations. Apprentice Personnel will provide you with the staff you need in order to make your guests happy and want to come back for more.

Retail: You need to have a professional friendly staff representing your business. We have friendly workers who are ready to serve your customers as cashiers, customer services providers, and more. We will help your customer retention rate by giving your customers reasons to come back time and again.

Construction: You can find the industry’s most skilled craftsmen in all construction-related fields to complete your projects. Whether it’s heavy industrial construction, electrical work or workforce management, we have staff who are experienced and the best in their field.

Government: We have an on-going, working relationship with the government at the local, state, and federal level. We have a DUNS number, and have been awarded a GSA Master Award Schedule. We are also on GSA Advantage. Our history with the government includes the United States military at Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, and many other government installations. 

Testimonials about Apprentice Personnel

"Fantastic Agency"

Apprentice Personnel is a fantastic agency that I have used to fill staffing needs. They are so great that even with no notice they can send someone the same day that is completely qualified to fill an open position. It is almost like magic the way they can take a job description and find someone that fits so perfectly.

—Amy M., Property Manager


"Personal Service"

I am so pleased with the service we have received from Apprentice Personnel. We have used other staffing agencies over the years with mixed results. The fact that your team came to visit us onsite to really try and understand our business, what we are trying to accomplish, and the types of people we need, made all the difference. Response time has been exceptional and I truly get that feeling of "personal service."

—Wes P., Printing/Distribution Center